June 08, 2007

Swept out of Shea! But The Best Is Still To Come!

The Mets lost 3 in a row to the semi-warm Phillies, who are now 5 games back from the first place Mets.

Just an awful performance from out bullpen this series, giving up big hit after big hit to the Phils. The Mets could've taken at least 2 of 3 and really dealt a huge blow to the Phillies morale, but no, they just threw lighter fluid on the fire.

Luckily the Braves keep losing just as many games, and our lead on them has stayed the same. Hopefully these Mets, like last year, can ride through the rough patch and then really break it out in a big way.

I predict the Metties to completely explode very soon. Maybe not against the reigning AL champs, Detroit Tigers, but very soon, it's going to be all Mets, the way the game should be played!

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