June 01, 2007

Your Starting Left Fielder...Paul Lo Duca?

Joe Gergen at Newsday, writes about Paul Lo Duca and his preparation for the just in case scenario:

Two new fielder's gloves were lying on the chair in front of Paul Lo Duca's locker awaiting inspection by the All-Star catcher. Call it a sign of the times in the Mets' clubhouse. "We've had a lot of injuries in the outfield," he explained with a wry smile.

Back in his youth, during his first full season in the big leagues, Lo Duca played first base, leftfield and rightfield as well as caught for the Los Angeles Dodgers. "What nobody remembers is that I actually caddied for [Gary Sheffield]," Lo Duca said, slipping on one of the gloves.

"We'll be all right," Randolph proclaimed. "Easley can play the outfield. And [infielder Ruben] Gotay, too."

He said nothing about Lo Duca, but he is breaking in two new gloves just in case.

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