July 30, 2007

Are The Mets Trading For Crawford?

From Tommy at Bleed Orange And Blue (Network Member):

From Milo Taibi at MetsMerized:

Its been reported on a couple of blogs now that a deal of Lastings Milledge and a minor league pitcher would be exchanged for Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

I would be fine with this. I love Milledge and all but that would be a great move and just the move the Mets need to make. If they want to get a good player they are going to have to get rid of a prospect like Milledge or Pelfrey (give the guy a break, he is a top 20 prospect in America).


Anonymous said...

what blogs are reporting this?

Anonymous said...

you cant trust blogs forbreaking news unless they have a source for it

Dan said...

this would be huge if it went down and for so little

i'm a little sceptical

Anonymous said...

lets keep our fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

these kinds of rumors are spread through bloggers and have no boyancy to keep them above the trade rumors so i dont think anything will come of this

Dan said...

lets just wait and see