July 23, 2007

Before You Go Screaming For His Head

How many double play balls have second baseman botched up? Plenty and just because Ruben Gotay messed one up, I’m starting to hear a lot of comments that he shouldn’t be the Mets Second Baseman.

Give the kid a break. He’s still hitting .336 and is still fielding the ball with a .969 fielding percentage. Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t see this as a sure fire signal that the Mets need to replace him.

The market is thin as it is and teams asking way too much for players and the Mets in house options don’t really scream sure fire replacement. So before some of you go screaming for Gotay’s head, just remember that we could be seeing Anderson Hernandez’s vacuum like play, but also have his .152 batting average. How well would that help the Mets?

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