July 31, 2007

Cordero For Humber? Looks Like A Go

I am not sure about the idea of trading a potential front-of-the-rotation starter for a reliever who is not only not a power-pitcher but is also not being relied upon as our closer (that would STILL be one fire-balling Billy Wagner, thank you very much!), but the Mets are apparently very close to trading Humber for Cordero in what may end up being a larger deal when all is said and done. Could it also include Jon Rauch? Possible...we'll keep you posted.


Apparently it will also cost one of Mike Carp or Kevin Mulvey. I think the Nats will choose Mulvey and get another pitching prospect.

John Young


Anonymous said...

if it were just humber i would say go

Anonymous said...

can cordero survive in a set up role

Anonymous said...

i guess well see