July 23, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Are The Mets Going After Sosa?

I saw on SNY that Ted Berg was saying that it was a possibility that Omar will go and try and get Sammy Sosa!?! Why Sosa? Why can’t the Mets go after someone who isn’t…well Sammy Sosa? I will lose my mind if this happens. Besides that, who are they going to give up? Maybe you could spread some light on the situation.

Tom via E-mail

First off here is the Ted Berg Post on Sammy Sosa

Tom, it doesn’t state that the Mets are looking into acquiring Sosa from the Rangers. It merely states that David Lennon at Newsday wrote that the Mets should try and get Sosa. Also on sports radio, the callers are saying that Omar should get him.

This in no way says that the Mets are trying to obtain Sosa. I would have a heart attack if they did acquire him (not the good kind).

The morale of the story is that you can’t believe everything that you hear or read. Especially as we get so close to the Trade Deadline.

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