July 23, 2007

Lessons Learned on a Mets West Coast Trip

The Mets escaped the clutches of California with a 4-3 road trip and even ended the trip with a stellar 10th inning victory over the Dodgers on Sunday. As I enjoy my morning coffee I contemplated what some of the lessons I've learned about the Mets on this West coast swing.

Lesson #1 - 300 wins is not guaranteed for Glavine
How embarrassing would that be? But after this week's pitching I can't discount anything. Glavine to me was always a second half pitcher. I don't know if it's anxiety, old age, or a lack of concentration but he needs to start winning. Soon.

Lesson #2 - David Wright likes 'em low, not high.
David Wright is the Atlas of this ball club. He puts the team on his shoulders and carries them to victory. But he's got to learn to hit the high fastball or just lay off it. Pitchers are burning him up in the zone. He's got the bat speed to hit it so I'm not sure why he's having problems. On the other hand, Wright is hitting balls in the dirt 400 ft. On at least 3 occasions Wright, pulled a Tiger Woods and tee'd a ball for a base hit that would have hit the plate.

Lesson #3 - Shawn Green should have his glove taken away from him.
This guy should not be allowed to pick up a glove in a close game. He's botched plenty of fly balls in right field this year, but yesterday took the cake. When he replace Delgado at 1st base and dropped Billy Wagner's perfect pickoff throw, I just about threw my remote through the TV. I could have sworn that was the game. Somebody buy this guy the Fred McGriff baseball training videos.

Lesson #4 - Billy Wagner can be clutch.
I'll be honest with you. I thought Billy was going to give up a game winning home run to Russell Martin in the 10th. After Juan Pierre got on and Green botched the pickoff, I thought it was over. But man did Wagner prove me wrong. He struck out the side to end the game with runners on second and third. After a couple walks, a wild pitch, and facing the Dodgers biggest clutch bat, Billy Wagner settled down and got the job done. That's what you want from a closer.

Lesson #5 - Chip Ambres is more clutch than Beltran & Delgado.
I know you're headed back down to Triple A, but man did you pull through yesterday. I tip my hat to you and you're the first guy named "Chip" that I think I've ever admired. Hope to see you in September.

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