July 23, 2007

Ervin Santana?

Ed Ryan at Mets Fever brought to my attention that Ervin Santana was sent to the Minors by the Angels (Article Here) and wonders if the Mets could steal him away from them like they did Oliver Perez.

If Omar were to attempt to trade away some players for Santana, I have no idea what the Angels would want in return. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask and see.

If the Angels aren’t asking too much for the struggling starter who has a career 4.87 ERA with a 33-27 record and 327 strike outs, then I say go ahead and make the trade. What’s the worst that would happen? He wouldn’t pan out.

I say offer the Angels a variety of options (not too high in value that it will hurt the Mets) and see if they bite.

Mets Give: Kevin Mulvey, Andy Tracey and Damion Easley
Angels Give: Ervin Santana

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