July 13, 2007

New Site Name

As most of you know, Shea Nation and Mets Trades, Tirades and GM Grades are going to be joining up sites and going under a .com name in a week. We have had a poll up on both sites since Monday to decide on the unified site name (sheanation.com is already taken) and there have been an overwhelming amount of votes. David, Jonathan and I thank each an every one of you who voted and hope that you will not be disappointed with the unified site.

Here are the official results from the voting:

Mets Nation – 77 votes
The Mets Bullpen – 65 votes
The Hot Corner – 41 votes
Mets Fan Network – 36 votes
Shea Tirades – 34 votes
Roosevelt Avenue – 28 votes

Total votes - 281

So by majority vote the new site name will be Mets Nation.

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