July 30, 2007

Not Feeling A Mets Trade

Now that the Mark Texeira deal is complete and is only awaiting physicals from the players in the deal, us fans have to ask ourselves, “are the Mets (Omar) going to make any kind of big splash moves to up Philly (Iguchi) and Atlanta?”

Personally, I don’t feel as though Omar is going to make that deal. It will, after all, cost the Mets one or more of their top tier prospects. The only commodity that the Mets are probably comfortable giving away is Lastings Milledge and that will most likely not happen unless they receive a player like Carl Crawford in return.

The players the Mets are said to be interested in as the trade deadline is only a day away are most likely to command some sort of upper echelon prospect and giving that up is just not on Omar’s to do list.


I guess I was wrong that Omar wasn't going to make some kind of ripples in the water, even if it was only Luis Castillo. Something is better than nothing I guess. Besides we still have until 4:00pm tomorrow afternoon to see if the Mets can improve anymore.


Anonymous said...

i feel the same way

Anonymous said...

I still have the faith that omar will make the nescicarry move for some one

Brink said...

I can see Milledge leaving or even humber but i cant really see anyone else