July 25, 2007

The One That Got Away

Seeing Xavier Nady in last night’s game made me realize how much I still wished he didn’t have to trade him to Pittsburgh to get some relief help. It’s like a punch to the throat each time they show him at the plate in the Pirates uniform when all along we all know where he truly belongs.

What makes it even worse is that the trade was made possible by Duaner Sanchez’s rumbling belly in the wee hours of the night in Florida days before the Trade Deadline was to hit.

So in a long answer to irony, the Mets lost a young and very capable Right Fielder and a premier set up man all for a late night snack.

Almost makes me want to go on a hunger strike for some strange reason. Oh well, Nady, for me, will forever be known as the one that got away.


Anonymous said...

atleast we got perez out of it

mark said...

I still think i would have rather kept nady than gotten perez

Anonymous said...

you're out of your mind!

good pitching is alot harder to find than a good outfielder

mark said...

i'm just saying there was something about nady that seemed to draw my interest, that's all

Anonymous said...

to get oliver perez i would make this deal over and over again