July 30, 2007

Player Update: Pedro Martinez

John Delcos at Lo Hud writes about Pedro Martinez:

Pedro Martinez will throw today in PSL, taking another step in his rehab. The Mets keep saying getting Martinez back would be like making a trade. Should Martinez come out of today without any problems the next step could be another simulated game or perhaps a rehab start.

Either way, the Mets’ should not put Martinez under the “given’’ category. There are no guarantees on anything, let alone somebody coming off rotator cuff surgery.

If they get bowled over by an offer they should jump at it, but there’s hardly a big piece out there. At least not one that won’t be expensive.


Anonymous said...

im starting to feel like hes not coming back this season

Anonymous said...

i know what your saying but we got to remain optimistic for the sake of hope

Anonymous said...

i cant...im a mets fan