July 05, 2007

Something Needs To Be Done

Guillermo Mota has looked nothing short of a disappointment ever since his return. Myself for one believed that he would have been fine even without the steroids. Omar, Willie and us fans who believed that Mota would be a contributor once retuned from his suspension are all looking like fools for believing in him.

Mota has done nothing but hurt the Mets almost every time he comes to the mound. Just look at last night’s performance (.2 IP, 6 ER) as an example.

A lot of teams are placing their bad chips on waivers, so why can’t the Mets do the same or at least trade him away for something else.

The Mets could get a better outing from Ambiroix Burgos, who they sent down to the Minors to make room for Mota. So what seemed like the logical decision at the end of last year has done nothing but hurt the Mets every chance he has gotten.

Something needs to be done.

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