July 16, 2007

To Go After Gagne Or Not

What should be a big target as the trade deadline approaches is a solid reliever, and what better reliever than former Dodger Closer Eric Gagne. The big question, however, is what do the Rangers want for a former closer putting up closer numbers.

So far this season, for the Rangers, Gagne has a 1.27 ERA, 2-0 record, 13 saves and 24 strike outs. If you ask me, I’d say that Gagne is back.

The big question for the Mets has part to do with the Rangers and a bigger part to due with Gagne himself. Would it be worth the players for a rental player who wants to be a closer again? The answer would have to be yes and no. Yes, if the deal is right and the Mets don’t have to give up top level prospect to obtain Gagne and no, if they do have to.

All of us know that if the Mets were to obtain Gagne, which he most certainly would walk away from the Mets after the season was over and search out a new home where he could be the closer.

At any rate, the mets need a solid set up man if Heilman is going to keep up his rollercoaster season and with Gagne that could prompt the Mets to thin out the herd in a pen with a couple of under achieving relievers.

Rangers get: Anderson Hernandez, Andy Tracey; Guillermo Mota (Met eat a portion of his contract)
Mets get: Eric Gagne

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but this would be all I’m willing to part with for a rental player.

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