July 16, 2007

Gotay Is Ready

There are a lot of negative thinkers when it comes to Ruben Gotay. Most will say that Gotay isn’t made to be an every day player, which he is made to be a bat off the bench or in a platoon role at second.

Well, how do you know this? Has Gotay ever gotten to play an entire season as a starter? Not even close.

In his three years in the Majors (2004 & 2005 with the Royals/2007 with the Mets) the most Gotay has ever played was 86 and yes he didn’t fair too well, but that was in Kansas City. I have to believe that Gotay wasn’t in a line up that could protect him enough to let him play the way he needed to. In half the games this season he’s only one home run short of matching his career high and has eclipsed his 2005 batting average (.227) by over a hundred points (.337). He also has only made 2 errors in the field and that again eclipses his 2005 number of eight.

Maybe Gotay has grown up in two seasons since his days in Kansas City. Just look at how good Reyes has gotten in that same time span.

The glass half empty people may not see it this way, but for myself, I would have to say that Gotay has shown nothing to say that he isn’t ready to take over second base for the Mets.

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