July 05, 2007

Wright On Pace For 30-30 Season

For a change of scenery I’m going to talk about something positive for a change.

David Wright has now gotten his batting average up to .296 after a 3-4 night last night in Colorado. For the season he’s hit 15 HR, 49 RBI; 18 SB. Now I know this isn’t the same Wright that Mets fans are used to seeing with his new wheel house spot (low) and his strike outs (68), but it looks like Wright is going to be fine when the season comes to a close.

We’ve just passed the half way point in the season and if this keeps up, Wright will hit 30 HR, 98 RBI; 36 SB. That will make him the Mets newest 30-30 player and first since Howard Johnson (his baseball father).

Wright is due to have a terrific year at bat, after I thought he wasn’t going to do much. It goes to show me that I shouldn’t count David Wright out.

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