August 01, 2007

Bullpen Looked Abysmal

Last night was the most disappointing moment since Carlos Beltran struck out in the NLCS. The bullpen didn’t even give Glavine a fighting chance.

What has happened to Pedro Feliciano? The guy was lights out in the first half of the season and then goes ahead throws two balls and then drills Prince Fielder in the elbow. I really thought he was going to charge Feliciano when he started yelling and jumping around. Then Mota comes in and gives up a screaming double to tie the game and erase any hope Glavine had at 300. The most disappointing part of the night was the two run homer given up by Sele. That just broke my heart.

About the only good sign was Jorge Sosa getting used to his eventual new role as the long man. It’s coming and I can’t wait because Sele will be sent down or optioned.


Anonymous said...

i still cant believe they did that

Dave said...

we need a bullpen arm

Anonymous said...

Sosa is gonna be good for us out of the pen