August 01, 2007

Castillo Hopes To Stay With Mets For Long Term

John Delcos at The Journal News writes about Luis Castillo and how he wants to stay with the Mets for the long term:

"I hope to stay here," Castillo said. "I hope we go to the World Series. ... We've got two more months. We'll see what happens."

Both first baseman Carlos Delgado and catcher Paul Lo Duca were teammates of Castillo in Florida, where he won three Gold Glove awards.

"He's a gamer," Lo Duca said. "He's going to play hard. He doesn't like to lose. He's a great teammate."


Anonymous said...

just play the way we know you can and omar will surley give you the extension

Bill said...

why not?

Anonymous said...

they should give it tohim now

Anonymous said...

good fielder and ideal #2 hitter

no brainer