August 06, 2007

Can The Mets Teach Gotay To Play Right Field?

By Dave at Mets Lifer (Network Member):

I love the Luis Castillo pick up. I think he'll prove to be a real asset to the team as we enter the pennant race in August and September. But that does leave Ruben Gotay as the odd man out.

Gotay went from batting over .350 and leading the Mets in batting with runners in scoring position to now just pinch hitting. That has to kill a young player's confidence. I'm expecting Gotay to struggle in his new role and it's a big change for a guy who was just getting used to playing every day. If only Gotay, could play right field.

Think about it. Until Chavez and Beltran return, the Mets are stuck with Shawn Green as the every day right fielder and Damion Easley as the backup to play against left-handed pitchers where necessary. Neither have performed well since April ended, and Green hasn't hit a home run since Memorial Day. Easley is playing decently in the field, but we all know that Green is a risk tracking down fly balls.

Gotay would be a great substitute if only he could play right field. Then you'd be able to keep his hot bat in the lineup and you'd add considerable speed to the bottom half of the order. Ah, a man can dream, can't he?

When Beltran returns, Milledge will more than likely platoon with Green in right, which is better than Easley as a backup.

I know that next year Gotay will have his shot at becoming the everyday second baseman as Castillo will probably test the free agency waters, but I'd like to see the kid's hot bat keep getting regular at bats until the hits run out.


Anonymous said...

i dont know about this one

Anonymous said...

hes a great hitter right now but do we really need to put him ina trial by fire in the outfield

Anonymous said...

he couldnt be any worse than green

Anonymous said...

how true that is