August 06, 2007

Martinez Return Will Make The Rotation Dominant

When Pedro Martinez comes back, be it late this month or early next month, the Mets could bolster a pitching rotation that rivals even the San Diego Padres. With Pedro, Glavine, El Duque, Maine and Perez, all of whom have once been or have the ability to be an ace pitcher on a lesser team, will be viewed as the most intimidating rotations in the National League East.

Let us forget about the Braves acquiring Mark Texeira and Octavio Dotel. Let’s forget about the Phillies acquiring Tadahito Iguchi and Kyle Lohse. Instead lets focus on a mid season acquisition that is going to reshape the East by playing every fifth game.

The antics, dominance and maybe even Pedro’s little buddy are on their way back and when they do, everything is going to change.


Anonymous said...

i can't wait

Anonymous said...

with that kind of rotation whos gonna be left out of the playoff rotation

John Young said...

Good Question

I would have to think Maine and Perez for the NLDS and If the Mets make it to the NLCS, then they would probably move Perez to the Pen

Anonymous said...

sounds good to me

Anonymous said...

that would be one good pen