August 21, 2007


Photi at Fish Chunks writes about the Jeff Conine deal and how it seems that the Mets are stocking up on former Marlin players:

So says Mr. Marlin Jeff Conine, who is traded over to the Dark Side as the Mets continue their mad scheme to create the FrankenMarlins. Conine replaces former Marlin Damion Easley, who joins former Marlin Raul Castro and former Marlin Paul Lo Duca on the spare-parts list, and Jeff will now hang out in the clubhouse with former Marlin Carlos Delgado, former Marlin Moises Alou, former Marlin Luis Castillo, former Marlin Guillermo Mota, stepbrother of a former Marlin El Duque Hernandez, and non-former Marlin Marlon Anderson. (


Anonymous said...

we cant help it if the marlins bring up the most minor league talennt and then have a fire sale

Anonymous said...

just because they couldnt hold onto their talent isnt our problem