August 21, 2007

Thoughts On Conine

The links between the Mets and the Reds have been plentiful ever since the trade deadline and in this case it was anything but another rumor for the fans and media to frenzy over.

In the wake of the Damion Easley injury, I call it the Cliff Floyd sprain, the Mets were left without a versatile infielder/outfielder. So what did they do? They went out and got one of the best defensive first basemen (career .990 fielding percentage) in the game.

Conine is an absolute great fit to the Mets who were in dire need of a back up first baseman after the departure of Julio Franco (DFA) and Damion Easley (DL) and boy did they get one. On top of his defensive resume, Conine sports a career .285 hitter and career .347 OBS. For the season he’s hitting .265, has 6 home runs, 32 runs batted in and 4 stolen bases.

He has been a part of two World Series Champion teams in the 1997 and 2003 Marlins (traded mid season in 2003), which makes him a great addition to an aspiring Championship team. In the NLDS he’s hit .308 (1997 – 364; 2003 - .267), in the NLCS he’s hit .310 (1997-.111; 2003 - .458) and the World Series .294 (1997 - .231; 2003 - .333). Those are some pretty good marks for a, now, bench player and the Mets are going to need him.

There is no doubt that the Mets, now, have one of the best, if not the best, bench in all of the National League. So, I hope Jeff Conine does great and wins one more Championship before he retires, which could very well be at the end of the season.

Welcome aboard Jeff.


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see him in a mets uniform

Anonymous said...

you and me both

Anonymous said...

we should see him a first if delgado doesnt come back tonight

Anonymous said...

true true

Anonymous said...

good hitter in post season didnt know that

Anonymous said...

forgot he was on both florida teams