August 14, 2007

Pudge Or Posada To The Mets?

At the Sporting News they write about the rumors about Jorge Posada or Pudge Rodriguez landing with the Mets in the off season:

Some things you read and you just know it's that NY media stirrin' the stinkin' pot again. Today's NY Daily News reports that Jorge Posada could be on his way to the Mets. Er, yeah. By the third paragraph, they're backpedaling, saying Posada's a long shot to leave the Yankees. BUT he could leave, as he will be a free agent. Yeah, and Fly could be the queen of England. It's more likely that Pudge will ditch the Tigers and head to New York. He's been to the World Series with Florida and Detroit -- why not try for a trifecta?


Anonymous said...

pudge all the way

Anonymous said...

it'll be sad to see lo duca go

Anonymous said...

but it's pudge man!