August 07, 2007

Top 10 Things We Don't Want To Hear In The Atlanta Series

Rob Cesternino at The Metwork writes about the top ten things that we don't want to hear as the Mets battle the Braves for three games starting tonight:

10. Tonight it looks like we’re seeing the 2006 version of Oliver Perez.

8. …And that’ll get Aaron Sele up the bullpen.

6. The New York Mets have announced a contract extension for free-agent-to-be Shawn Green.

5. Now it looks like it’s not just Turner Field that’s a house of horrors for the Mets.

3. With the bases loaded here in the 8th, Willie is going to bring in Guillermo Mota.

To read the entire list, visit The Metwork.


Anonymous said...

i would want to die if i heard number 6

John Young said...

You and me both

Anonymous said...

perez better not have an 06 night