August 02, 2007

With The Good Comes The Bad

Steve Popper at North Jersey writes about Oliver Perez and how he can lose it some times:

The good Oliver Perez is the one who records strikeouts at a breathtaking pace between hurdles across the foul line. The bad Oliver Perez is the one who self-destructs, losing his control and his head -- the one that had him toiling in the minor leagues just a year ago.

Both were on display Wednesday -- sometimes in the course of the same inning, maybe the same batter. But once he shrugged off the shaky side of his Jekyll and Hyde persona, Perez helped carry the Mets past the Brewers for an 8-5 win at Miller Park.Mets at Brewers

If he was going to be rattled, this seemed to be a perfect night for it as he stood on the mound in the first inning and stared into the night, watching the flight of a massive home run by Prince Fielder. Runs and miscues began to pile up early and he seemed to be following his struggles of last week against his former team, the Pirates, with another disaster.


Anonymous said...

he's another human heart attack

Anonymous said...

i almost turned the game off last night because i thought he was just going to melt down

Anonymous said...

bet you glad you didn't

Anonymous said...

got that right

Anonymous said...

all in all it was a good outing after it was all said and done