September 25, 2007

And Now we Are Forced To Root For The Braves

Adam Rubin at Surfing The Mets writes about the up coming series between the Braves and the Phillies:

With the Mets unable to take care of their own business, the Shea faithful finds itself in the awkward position of saying, "Go Braves!" the next few days.

Lucky for the Mets, Tim Hudson is scheduled to start tomorrow's game in Philadelphia, with John Smoltz getting Thursday's series finale. You can check out the probable pitchers here.

As David O'Brien in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes, Hudson and Smoltz are a combined 30-16 with a 3.15 ERA. The other eight Braves to start are 27-38, 5.55 ERA.


Anonymous said...

its sickening but it is true

Anonymous said...

gonna have to swollow our hatred for the braves and do the chop

Anonymous said...

chief knock-a-homer is my best friend rightnow

Anonymous said...

lets just hope that smoltz and hudson take care of business