September 25, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Is Lo Duca Making A Return?

With the latest struggles of the Mets these past two weeks, Paul LoDuca looks to be one of the only players on the roster that is playing with any kind of passion or fire. I know that he is hitting well over .400 since the Mets went on the last road trip and seems to be a little agitated with some of the players.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is, do you think that Omar will bring back LoDuca for next year or is he just going to be let walk?

Joe via E-mail

Well, Joe, about two weeks ago I wrote a piece on Lo Duca (The Easiest Decision Not Made) in which I went on to say that Omar would have to be a fool to let Lo Duca walk.

He is without a doubt the fire, heart and soul of this team.

Do I think that they will re-sign him?

Absolutely. There is no way that they can let a player of Paul Lo Duca’s caliber walk away and look for a younger, less qualified catcher to replace him.

If you look at the future free agent catchers for this upcoming off season (Link) you can plainly see that there are few options that one would consider as a replacement for Paul. Besides the obvious choices of Posada and Pudge, there isn’t anyone that can match up to Lo Duca, but would one really want Posada on the Mets?

So to answer your question in an easier format, yes they will re-sign him to at least a one year contract.

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Joe Linden said...

Thanks for answering my question so fast John. I didn't catch that post on LoDuca the first time around, but it makes perfect sense.