September 28, 2007

And Then There Were 3

3 days to decide destiny. 3 games to determine the fate of this season. 3 pitchers who need to bring their best stuff. 3 wins is what we need.

The Mets are a game back in the Wild Card so we need to win this division. We need to win it tonight. A win tonight rights this ship, if only temporarily, and gets the fans and players back in the right mindset.

It's a Friday night game at Shea so the stadium should be packed. All eyes will be on this team waiting for it to crumble. While the Phillies have been out there creating their destiny, the Mets have been stumbling toward oblivion.

But all that doesn't matter right now. What matter is 3 games. 3 wins in 3 nights. That's all we can control. The cards will fall as they may. But 3 wins is what we need.

I also think there are 3 players that need to perform in these next 3 days or else we might be watching playoff baseball without our beloved Mets. First one is Jose Reyes. Reyes has become the David Copperfield of this team in September with his ability to disappear in this lineup. He needs to put his slump (and his home run swing) behind him and focus on getting on base. We all know that as Reyes goes so do the Mets. He needs to go full tilt the next 3 days.

The second player is Carlos Delgado. Sure you could say Beltran. You could say Alou. But I think Delgado is the man the Mets will need these next 3 days. Alou is en fuego so you know he'll get his hits. Beltran has been pretty steady, but if Delgado shows up to play he's the linchpin that could set a winning streak in motion. We've seen little production from him lately so a boost in his performance should spur this team to victory.

And finally the 3rd and most important player is David Wright. David Wright is our MVP. He may not win the NL MVP, but he needs to perform like he is. We rely on his performance as our foundation for this ball club. He cannot waiver now. We need him to be clutch. No more double plays, but plenty more of those opposite field hits. Once again the Mets need David Wright to carry this team.

3 is the magic number at this point. Forget the past and focus on 3. 3 wins. That's all I want. Then we'll see where that gets us on Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

thats exactly it man

Anonymous said...

you hit the nail right on the head

Anonymous said...

i dont know if two of your three can perform up to their capabilities

Anonymous said...

well the better