September 04, 2007

Conine’s Visit Back To The Great American Ballpark

Mark Schmetzer at writes about Jeff Conine and his trip back to Cincinnati:

Jeff Conine was standing at his cubicle in the visitors' clubhouse at Great American Ball Park on Monday when somebody came up and asked the former Cincinnati Red if he'd had a hard time finding his way around since he'd been gone so long.

The laid-back, low-key Conine gave a slight smile and went along with the joke, "I went to the wrong clubhouse," he said.


Matt Hinrichs said...

I'm sorry I left you abruptly like that, but I had some personal business to attend to for a while.

For now, I will not be writing for Shea Nation, but I would love to return in the future sometime.

All the Best,
Matt Hinrichs

John Young said...

No problem Matt. The Door is always open. Just shoot me a line when you want to return.


Anonymous said...

its gonna be hard to see him go

Anonymous said...

yeah...ill miss his fire but he is getting up there in age