September 04, 2007

Pedro Gets 3,000 K's

Marty Noble at writes about Pedro Martinez and him recording his 3,000 strike out:

The baseball moved untouched past the bat of Aaron Harang and popped into the catcher's mitt of Paul Lo Duca for the third strike of the third out of the second inning. Without hesitation, Lo Duca stood, flipped the ball in the general direction of the pitcher's mound and headed for the dugout, oblivious to what he essentially had discarded. Pedro Martinez noticed Lo Duca's oversight, detoured and made the pick.

"I live in a box, what can I say?" Lo Duca would say a few hours later.

He had caught the third strike of the 3,000th strikeout of Martinez's career. The catcher was caught unaware. And then he caught a little heat. "How was I supposed to know?" Lo Duca said. "No one told me."


Anonymous said...

i didnt even realize he was that close until last night

Anonymous said...

join the crowd man

Anonymous said...

pedro is awsome!!