September 12, 2007

Could Santana Be A Met In 2009?

Tom Fornelli at Yahoo Sports writes about the possibility of Johan Santana leaving the Twins after next season:

Let's be honest here, Johan can say whatever the hell he wants to say about the Twins right now. You want to know why Hunter and Silva have no bearing on what Johan will do? Because he's not staying in Minnesota. He knows that, he's just playing the game right now because he's there through 2008.

I can't tell you whether or not the Twins will trade him before hand, but if they don't and he hits the open market, he's gone. It's not a tough decision to make. Seven years and $125 million from the Mets, or five years and $70 million from the Twins.


Anonymous said...

i know its just speculation but you haveto love that possibility

Anonymous said...

imagine the rotation:

Johan Santana
Mike Pelfrey
John Maine
Oliver Perez
Phillip Humber


Anonymous said...

that would be a great rotation...and yes chills

Anonymous said...

lets not get too hyped up about something that is over a year away from might be happening

Anonymous said...

you cant help it man!