September 12, 2007

What if Glavine Was a Brave This Year?


Remember when Tom Glavine wanted to be a Brave again, but they basically gave him the cold shoulder? Oh yeah that was last December.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post writes an interesting article about how Glavine has changed the dynamic of the NL East by remaining with the Mets.

Now I still believe that the Mets would be a contender without Glavine because Omar would have went out and gotten another arm, but there's no doubt that Glavine's 23 quality starts have made a serious impact on the success of the Mets.

Don't you just love it when you get to stick it to the Braves?

Click here for the full article.


Anonymous said...

the braves sure did blow it bad

Anonymous said...

they could have been in the mets shoes but they had to play it tommy we dont need you

Anonymous said...

screw them, im glad tommy didnt go back after peterson helped him right his ship

Anonymous said...

it hurts so good doesnt it ATL!:)