September 13, 2007

More 2008 Outfield and Adding the Premiere Ace

In addition to names John mentioned in this recent post, I'd include Endy Chavez in those plans. I think it is vital for the Mets to resign him. He probably headed into the 07 season with dreams of earning a starting job by 08 for some team. The hamstring issue he had may actually work to the benefit of the Mets because Endy's overall production was down due to significant time on the DL. This may leave less teams to interpret his ability to start for them as an option.

His skills already placed him as a boarder line starter case for some lesser caliber teams with his speed, ability to hit for respective average, and nasty defense. For a player on the fence like him, with starting aspirations, the leg setback might have been a nail in that coffin. Still however, If MLB was the NBA, he'd be a top candidate for the 6th Man Award every year. Not enough can be said about having a playing chip like that to pull of your bench. So if we are definately discussing bench player type money, as opposed to starting figures, Omar should be aggressive in maintaining their bench strength.

Gomez will continue to develop and he can contribute some, but he probably isn't going to be a solid everyday option just yet if Alou is only available for his typical 90-100 games. Should the Mets try and resign Alou, a move I'd be in favor of, Chavez would provide another great option to relieve him late in games or give him the necessary time off, plus we all know of Alou's vulnerability to injury. Moises would be a great signing because the Mets can win the division with him only playing 50% of the season. But having his bat in there come October is the best option for a postseason. You could give alou every other month off and with the Mets outfield depth, that would be fine.

One consideration that impacts the outfield greatly would be the issue of the Twins decision-making regarding Johan Santana. Johan, who will be in a free agent year, may be at his highest value before the 08 season starts. The Mets could use guys like Milledge, Gomez, Fernandez, and/or Pelfrey to get the most talented starter in the game. It would be sacrificing young cheap talent and depth, but a starting staff of Santana followed by a recovered Pedro, Maine, Perez, and possibly Glavine and /or El duque, would be second to none. You wouldn't have to fear facing a 1-2 punch of Peavy and Young in a short series. In fact with that starting staff, the Mets would go from NL favorite to MLB favorite to win it all in 08. Another upside would be that this would probably give the Mets the leg up on the competition to signing Santana once he hits the free agent market heading into 09. If he feels comfortable in Flushing come 08, he'd be more prone to agreeing to a contract beyond that point. He likes pitching on the big stage, and has complained of the inability of the Twin's front office to spend to win. If he came to the Mets in 08, he might like the fun atmosphere of guys like Reyes and Martinez, as well as the pitcher's park the Mets have with Shea and will with Citibank. Not to mention the benefits of a good pitching coach in Rick Peterson and the lack of facing designated hitters. His confidence in the Wilpons in the spending to win department should be high considering their recent track record. Of course money always speaks the loudest, but maybe the Mets wouldn't have to blow all other offers out of the water, and maybe in a close bidding process, Santana would sacrifice a few measly million to be in such an environment the Mets could offer. There is no better way to expose such benefits than to have him spend a season in NYC, before the circus begins.

Or the Mets can hold their young depth and just try to win with that, while trying to sign Santana anyway after 08. Though if they do sell the farm, primarily made up of outfield talent, it makes maintaining Chavez all the more important.


Anonymous said...

if glav comes back we have our rotation so dont trade for santana...wait for free agency

Anonymous said...

must sign chavez

Anonymous said...

dont trade away our future