September 13, 2007

We May Have a 99% Chance of Winning the Division, But What Happens After?

So we have a 7 game lead on the Phillies and a 9.5 game lead on the Braves. Our magic number is 11, and everybody tastes and feels the Playoffs slowly drifting over from the Bronx to Queens (step aside Yankees, we are the new kings of NY).

But the big question is, what will happen?

Can our struggling and/or non-clutch players rise to glory? Be the Endy Chavez of last year? Can we have those players who will step up?

We have been on fire lately but what happens when we cool off? What happens if we face the Yankees, who no matter how bad they are they will be hard to beat in New York? What happens if we face the Cardinals, who embarrassed us so badly last year?

But look at the bright side. Four years ago we were getting excited if the Mets got near the .500 mark. This year we have a chance. A chance to shine. A chance to get all the fair-weather Yankee fans to suddenly decide that they are Mets fans. A chance for people all over the world to stop wearing those Yankees hats that when you asked them what was on their head they would have no clue.

So what happens?



Anonymous said...

thats the joy of being a mets fan...we nevr know

Anonymous said...

you mean thats the hart ache

Anonymous said...

that too

Anonymous said...

atleast looper isnt the closer