September 13, 2007

Mets Sill Have A Chance To Make Season Memorable

Jef Pulver at The Jeff Pulver Blog writes about the Mets and how they still have a chance to make 2007 memorable:

After feeling the pain of the Mets being swept by the Phillies, it was great to see the Mets bounce back and beat the Braves in Atlanta on Friday and Saturday at a time the Mets 2007 season was on the line. Hopefully the recent blown saves by the Mets bullpen are now behind them and the Mets are on their way to once again building some distance between themselves and both the Phillies and the Braves.

Baseball is a game of redemption. It is never too late to restart and give someone another chance. Mike Pelfrey getting a win yesterday after the way he performed all season was just enlightening. Maybe the Mike Pelfrey we saw pitch before yesterday was just a different person. Can Glavin finally beat Smoltz? Glavin has what it takes (he always did) and hopefully today the Mets offense will stay alive and provide Tom with enough run support.


Anonymous said...

you know it

Anonymous said...

pulver is wise beyond his years