September 13, 2007

Terry Ryan Stepping Down As Twins GM

Mike Max at writes about the Twins General Manager Terry Ryan stepping down at the end of the season:

Terry Ryan, executive vice president and general manager of the Minnesota Twins, will announce Thursday afternoon that he is stepping down at the end of this season.

He also made one of the most lopsided trades in recent baseball history when he sent catcher A.J. Pierzynski to the Giants for starters Boof Bonser and Francisco Liriano and closer Joe Nathan three years ago.

This could ultimately affect the status of Ace pitcher Johan Santana being traded over the Winter. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Editor's Note: (From David) - Terry Ryan assembled an amazing group of talent, both on the field and in the organization, and his loss is a huge one. He must be burned out from having to deal with a cheap owner, Mr. Pohland, who is, I believe, the richest owner in baseball. If Ryan had stayed, there was a greater chance that Santana would have been traded in the off-season, as Ryan knows that he would get more from a team like the Mets during the winter meetings than he would either next July or simply receiving draft picks if he lets him walk away as a free agent. However, a new GM might try to keep Santana, hoping either to sign him or simply because the team is getting a new stadium and wants to attract as many fans in the meantime as they can. I hope this becomes the case, as I am sure the Mets would be the top bidder in a free agent market, and we wouldn't have to give up key minor leaguers to acquire him (not that he's not worth it.) In a market where pitching is very thin, Santana, added to Perez, Maine and Pelfrey (not to mention a rejuvinated Pedro) could mean a LOT of play-offs, and beyond, for this Mets' team over the next 10 years. My fingers remain crossed!!!


Anonymous said...

go get him omar

Anonymous said...

i stillthink they should wait until the 2008 off season to sign him

Anonymous said...

no way...get him NOW

Anonymous said...

its gonna cost us the farm for him

Anonymous said...

besides we have adequit enough pitching to sustain ourselves until he hits the market