September 13, 2007

Feliciano And Mota: The Split

The Pirate over at Mets Geek takes a close look at the decision tobring in Guillermo Mota over Pedro Feliciano in the eigth inning of last night's game against the Braves:

I wasn’t sure about the wisdom of replacing a pitcher who’s been lights out with a pitcher who’s stunk up the joint all year, just because he’s right-handed. So I decided to look into it and see who’s been better against RHB this year, lefty Pedro or righty Mota. I seriously doubt the answer will surprise anyone.

Wow. One of these pitchers has been very effective against right-handed batters, and the other one is Guillermo Mota. Anyway, Willie has to know this, right? I mean, Pedro hadn’t pitched for a few days, so he wasn’t tired; and the Mets have a day off before taking on Philly, so you wouldn’t need to save his arm, either. I just don’t understand why Willie would let the worst pitcher in his bullpen come in to pitch in the most important situation in the game. Especially when he had a better reliever in there already.


Anonymous said...

willie said he doesnt go by stats

Anonymous said...

yeah he goes byhis gut...thats using your smarts

Anonymous said...

maybe he should think about going by the stats

Anonymous said...

now there's a thought

Joe I. said...

Willie is probably putting Mota into big spots just to see if he has the stomach to contribute in the playoffs.
I wouldn't be surprised if he gives Mota 2 or 3 more tight situations to pitch himself out of, and then determine if he makes the post season roster.