September 13, 2007

With Or With Out Delgado?

Can the Mets do well in the playoffs without our first baseman?

If Carlos Delgado comes back from his hip injury, will he be the hitter he has been for the majority of the year, or will he be the hot hitter he was before he went down. We've seen streaks of brilliance throughout this year, where he would string together a few games with big hits or home runs. He has consistently driven in runs, driving in 80 this year, even though it seems like 18. He continually has lacked the clutch hitting, and usually strikes out in big situations.

While Delgado has been out Shawn Green, Jeff Conine, and even Marlon Anderson have filled in at first. Green has been a hot hitter as of late, smacking doubles and going the other way nicely. He also holds the longest current streak in the NL of games at first without an error.

Conine hits the ball well, but all of his balls seem to find the other teams glove. He will sting a ball, and it will end up going right to the shortstop or second basemen. He is decent at first, but has limited mobility.

Anderson, as we all know, is a pinch hitting master. He is a utility player, most likely being able to fill in anywhere but pitcher or catcher. He can play well at all positions, but doesn't excel at any particular position.

With Green hitting the way he is, we might be breaking even at first, especially the way Carlos has been hitting all year. I still feel that Delgado is underrated at first base, but Green can play the bag well.

In conclusion, we will need Delgado back, even if he isn't 100% and maybe doesn't even get the start every game. Green can fill in just fine, and we will have Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez (maybe), and Endy Chavez to fill in if Shawn is at first. Imagine that big bat of Delgado's off the bench? I like the sound of that.


Anonymous said...

with him...we need him in october

Anonymous said...

well isnt that a no brainer

Anonymous said...

who would you rather have in the LU green or delgy

Anonymous said...

delgado any day