September 19, 2007

The Mets Version Of "Groundhog Day"

The Met team over the past six games has quickly reminded me of the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day”. For those of you who have never seen this classic piece of cinematic art, then I strongly suggest you see it in the next couple of days. Basically the Movie places TV weatherman, Phil Connors, in a situation where he is forced to repeat Groundhog Day until he changes his egocentric ways.

Much like the movie, it is almost like fate has struck the Mets to live the same dreadful result (a loss) until they pull their collective heads out of their collective, we’ll leave that one blank.

The only players who seem to have been affected by this horrendous turn of events that see the Phillies only one and a half games out of seeing Jimmy Rollins prediction come to fruition is David Wright, Paul Lo Duca, Shawn Green and Pedro Martinez. Besides those few players, it just seems as though that the entire team has seemed to think that the National League East crown is theirs and theirs alone, including Willie Randolph.

There is no excuse, nor the room for these types of mannerisms. Unless these Mets can pull themselves together, stop making ten errors in two games, keep a lead, pitch, for the love of God pitch, hit with a purpose and in the clutch, they should end our torment quickly and as painless as possible because I for one am not going to be able to watch this asteroid hit home much longer.

We are all watching, what very well may become, the greatest Mets collapse in their entire forty five years of existence and I believe that if Gil Hodges were still alive today, he would be down to that clubhouse as fast as humanly possible and kick start this team into a different gear. But sadly enough he isn’t and now the Mets are going to have forcibly pull their foots out of their mouths for the way that they have been playing.


Anonymous said...

that is definitly it in a nutshell

praying said...

well said and well put