September 19, 2007

This is Disturbing- Willie and the Mets

Let me start you off with this: We are not going to make the postseason if we do not win the NL East. Period. It's just not going to happen.

And are we going to win the NL East? I really can't tell you. This team has just been a bundle of frowns for the past month.
I will make a few points:

1. So Willie Randolph can't open his mouth. I guarantee you that if he was arguing some calls, getting thrown out of games, we would be doing better. The reason I say this is because this gives the team a good motive. When Paul Lo Duca freaked out the Mets did better. When Lou Piniella went absolutely insane the Cubs got on a role (note: he admitted he only did it to fire up his team). So I have the evidence. And what does Willie Randolph do? Just shrug everything off. He is such a horrible manager. He is outmanaged every game whether it is the suicide squeeze, pitching change, or anything else.

2. The Mets bullpen is not going to do anything if we get into the playoffs. Schoenweis and Mota absolutely stink and Heilman ain't much better when it comes to clutch situations. Billy Wagner makes no easy 1-2-3 inning come playoff time. We need changes. Just anything.

3. There is no fire in our eyes. I hate comparing the Mets to the Yankees, but this time I have a very valid point. The Yankees have been flat out amazing down the stretch getting every clutch hit at every big moment and coming back when they need to. Notice I bolded coming back. That was not an accident.

Well, there you have it. I can go on all day with the problems with this team but for now I am just going to say those three things.

Let's Go Mets- hopefully things will change.


Anonymous said...

its just an ugly time had by all

Tommy said...

yea at least they are winning right now