September 07, 2007

Pedro's Appreciation

David Lengel at Guardian Unlimited writes about how Pedro's return meant so much for baseball:

Martinez being back on the hill isn't just good news for fans of the Amazin' Mets, but for nearly everyone involved with Major League Baseball. We baseball fans love and respect Pedro (admit it Yankees fans, you do as well), and having him around makes the game better. Part of what makes Pedro special is that his love of the game seems to be equal to ours, and he's not shy about putting that enthusiasm on display for us to watch and enjoy.

It's not that other players don't appreciate the game, but Pedro's endearing character makes us truly believe he lives for baseball, and fans revel in that sort of rare persona. In 2007, there is a sense that he is enjoying being around baseball even more, likely because of what he has just been through. Martinez's gruelling rehab took place at a point in his hall-of-fame career, which includes three Cy Young awards and an unfathomable winning percentage of nearly .700, when retirement is inching closer and closer.


Anonymous said...

no one does it like pedro

Anonymous said...

thats for sure