September 07, 2007

Wright To Be First Met MVP?

Anthony Rieber at Newsday writes about David Wright and the possibilityof him being the first Met to get the MVP:

Wright, asked Wednesday in Cincinnati about the possibility of winning the MVP, said: "The only time I think about it is when the question is asked. It's something that's not important to me. It's not as important to me as winning this division, and as cliché as this sounds, I want to win a World Series. I couldn't care less about MVP."

The Mets have won the World Series twice but have never had an MVP. The last time two teams in New York had MVPs was 1956, when Mickey Mantle of the Yankees and pitcher Don Newcombe of the Brooklyn Dodgers wore the crowns.

Said Wright: "The definition of an MVP [is] the guy, in the big situation, you want up at the plate. In a big situation, you want the ball hit to that guy. That's my definition of an MVP. I think, as far as being on a winning team, I look more toward guys on the best teams. Having not as great numbers on a winning team is more valuable than a guy that has huge, inflated numbers on a team that has no chance of sniffing the playoffs."


Anonymous said...

how many more times do we have to hear the same story

Anonymous said...

until wright gets his rightful award

Anonymous said...

it had better not come from a team that didnt go to the playoffs again...ryan howard

Anonymous said...

that still buggs me