September 20, 2007

Pelfrey Maturing

Michael Phillips at writes about Mike Pelfrey and what Willie Randolph had to say about his maturity:

"He's maturing, and he's still finding his way, but we need his stuff," the manager said. "He might give up a few hits here and there, but he also broke some bats. It was a good outing for him. It's nice to see him progress."

Pelfrey recorded four strikeouts, three of them against leadoff hitter Nook Logan. He gave up hits, but was able to make pitches at key times, stranding five runners while allowing just three to score.


Anonymous said...

he is going to be great once he learnes to control hispitches

Anonymous said...

his pitches

Anonymous said...

where was he all season

Anonymous said...

he just over threw