September 16, 2007

Reyes Needs To Step Up

from Bleed Orange And Blue (network member)
Can you stop popping the ball up already? Seriously, it is ridiculous.

But that is not what I wanted to post about.

Reyes just hasn't been present lately. I just don't see the Jose Reyes I saw in May coming on to the field these days.

He needs to forget about all these mistakes he has made and stop thinking about making the top 10 best plays on sportscenter with a three run home run and try to hit like Luis Castillo. Just knock the ball up the middle. That is the way he should be hitting.

I am convinced that the only reaseon he has been popping up so much is because he was trying to impress everybody with a homerun. Well get over it Jose, you are not a home run hitter.

And Jose, run out the plays and look alive in the field. Please?

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Anonymous said...

the ball to the ground thats all he has to remember