September 24, 2007

Sweet Justice?

David Lennon at On The Mets Beat writes about when he thinks that the Mets will clinch and makes it an interesting day:

That said, with the magic number at five, I'm thinking the clincher will be (drum roll please) on Thursday against the Cardinals. How's that for justice? Celebrating in front of St. Louis after what happened last October. I know Willie Randolph said on Sunday that the baseball gods are making the Mets "pay a little bit." But if those same gods have any sense of humor, it would be very appropriate for the Mets to be popping champagne with the Cardinals in town.


Anonymous said...

i dont care how they do it...just so long as the clinching gets done

Anonymous said...

that would be awsome

Anonymous said...

could we chant loopers name after the game like he did to Jose?