September 29, 2007

Tom Glavine's Career as a Met to be Defined....Tomorrow

Forget Tom Glavine's outstanding post season effort in 2006; forget the up and downs of his Flushing seasons prior to that point. Put aside memories of the good pitching with little run support, the chase to 300 W's, the free-agency process, a NYC cab accident (and subsequential broken teeth), and the threat of a career ending injury after the revelation of an aneurysm in the shoulder. Glavine had solid half seasons without a dominant full one. He made the all-star team multiple times as a Met, in 2004 based on reputation instead of performance yet more deservingly perhaps in 2006.

But the past means nothing..........

Tom Glavine's entire career as a Met comes down to tomorrow. 'Nuff said; it will be what defines his time in blue and orange.


Anonymous said...

i guess he isnt big on definitions

Anonymous said...

tommy isnt a met next year