September 10, 2007

Wright for Captain

Since 2005 when Willie Randolph took over as manager of the NY Mets he has been reluctant to name a captain. It was understandable for the first two years because the team initially was rebuilding and then the Manager was feeling an almost entirely new roster. But now the core of players is set for many years to come and a captain should be named. Over this season it has become clear that this has become David Wright's team. Wright is a leader on and off the field. It's not just Mets fans who recognize how valuable Wright is but the entire league as he is currently the front runner for the MVP award. When I went to game on Saturday I noticed twice Wright showing his leadership during times when the camera would be at a commercial. The 24 y/o went out to pat the 41 y/o starter (Glavine) on his back when his day was done and then when Reyes struggled at the plate with runners in scoring position he purposely was the one to take him his mit and hat to offer him a few words of encouragement.

I recently spoke with several Mets about the possibility of David Wright being named team captain. Manager Willie Randolph said he’s not inclined to name a captain now, but if he were Wright has the qualifications.

Wright told me that just his teammates believe he could handle the role is an honor. source John Delcos - also an audio at the link


Anonymous said...

why cant willie just say wright is the captain?

Anonymous said...

everyone else knows it

Anonymous said...

besides all that, the fans want it

Anonymous said...

lets hope next year he wears the C on his jersey