September 11, 2007

Success Mostly Due To Rotation

Marty Noble at writes about the Mets success as of late and attributes most of it to the rotation:

The rotation has hardly been flawless since the last time a reliever won -- Billy Wagner was the winning pitcher on Aug. 21, when the Mets beat Padres closer Trevor Hoffman. But starters winning 10 straight decisions is uncommon. The Mets starters hadn't done it since an 18-game sequence in 2005.

In the chart below, notice the run support and the number of games in which the Mets allowed none or just one run in both streaks.

To see the chart use the link above.


Anonymous said...

they have really turned it up a nothc

Anonymous said...

how about mr brave killer getting it done again last night

Anonymous said...

ollie looked great

Anonymous said...

can't wait to get el duque back