September 17, 2007

Wright Hits 30/30

Anthony Di Como at writes about David Wright and his first 30/30 season:

"I kind of laughed at the beginning of the season when he told me that 'I want you to be a 30-30 guy,'" Wright said of Johnson. "And here we are in the middle of September, and I was able to accomplish it. I'm extremely proud of it."

Wright now has 30 home runs and 31 stolen bases. Like father, like son.

Only two other Mets -- Johnson and Darryl Strawberry -- have posted 30-30 seasons. Johnson, also a third baseman, did it three times, in 1987, '89 and '91. Strawberry achieved the feat in 1987.


Anonymous said...

atleast something good came out of this weekend

Anonymous said...

you said it man wat a bad time

Anonymous said...

twice!!! they swept us twice