October 18, 2007

Green Can't Get Over The Way It Ended

Marty Noble at Mets.com writes about Shawn Green and how the Mets collapse still sits with him:

His professional pride wounded, Green is most uncomfortable with a more personal aspect. He finds the collateral damage particularly troubling. The people peripherally involved with the Mets, those who had expected to be occupied -- that is, employed -- this month when the team pushed toward the World Series, are on his thoughts.

"A lot of people were counting on us," Green says. "Some of them might have been counting on making some extra money. They feel bad about what happened to us, and we feel bad about what happened to them because we didn't get in."

"It wasn't easy to look people in the eye," he said. "We let everyone down -- the fans, the staff, people who would have profited from our being in it. ... You feel so good as a player when you make people happy. We thought we were going to, we were going to bring people so much joy. We made people happy last year, just getting in for the first time in a long time. They expected more this year, so did we."


Anonymous said...

this is going to be a topic of discussionuntil the end of next season

Anonymous said...

we all feel that waygreen

Anonymous said...

i didnt want to go to work the next day